Textiler is a Cambridge-based business was founded in October 2013 by two young entrepreneurs, Cong and Sam. Our vision is to allow designers - amateur, student and professional - to easily upload your fabric designs to Textiler and receive your printed fabric in the post within 10 days of ordering. In the future we will also offer a range of textile products that you can customise in addition to our cushions.

The only printing process we use is digital printing. Its incredible flexibility, colour range achieved and speed of setup, the digital printing process is unparalelled. It allows us to offer designers great prices for small quantities of fabric.

We work directly with experts who ensure that the optimal process is used for each fabric we print onto. For our synthetic fabrics we use dye sublimation. For our natural fabrics we print using reactive ink, steam the fabric to fix the ink so it binds to the fibres of the fabric and develop the saturation, before washing, drying and pressing the fabric. This produces a superior finish than any other digital printing process.

Updated 29-06-14